Enhance Agent Productivity.
Boost Operational Efficiency.

With DiGON transform your customer interaction with seamless integration between your CRM software and telephony system.

DiGON In Action.

DiGON while doing Auto Task Creation
DiGON while doing Screen Pop

DiGON: Ultimate CRM Connector.

Agents are 30% more productive with DiGON

  • Brings-in entire telephony functionality within the CRM window
  • Enable agents to handle customer information and interactions on a unified interface
  • Facilitate the transfer of pertinent CTI/CDR information back to CRM.

Key Connector Features.

  • Auto Task Creation and Updation of Business Data
  • Support for Preview, Predictive and Progressive Modes
  • Integrated Call Disposition
  • Third-party Application Integration
  • Scheduled Call Backs and Agent State Statics

Why Choose DiGON.

Amplify agent productivity and personalize customer experience with DiGON

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Improve CSAT

Improve customer experience by enabling agents to have on time access to essential data promptly for effective responses

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Streamlining Data Retrieval

Facilitate the retrieval of customer information and interaction to personalize each interaction

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Access to call data

The system offers access to call data and call recording links during in-call and post-call usage

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Simplify Agent Workflow

Maximize agent productivity by minimizing the toggling between multiple applications

Smartly Tailored Solution for Contact Centers.

Seamlessly integrate your telephony system with CRM powered by DiGON CRM Connector

VIS professional service offers custom development of connectors for other CTI and CRM platform as well

Flexible Deployment.

  • Available on-Cloud for scalability & continuity
  • Available on-Prem for integration & compliance
  • Ensuring 99.99% uptime
  • Quick and prompt services for business on-boarding

Trusted by Companies Across the Globe.

DiGON has been deployed in 30+ instances across the globe

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Feature List.

contact_phoneBuddy List with Presence Info
ios_sharePopup Caller Info
scheduleScheduled Call Backs
datasetUpdate Business Data
call_missedMissed Call Management
descriptionTask Creation
previewPreview, Predictive and Progress Modes
phone_in_talkPush Call Details
call_receivedAccept and Reject Inbound Call
taskDisposition to CRM
phone_callbackMake Manual/Auto Outbound Call
data_thresholdingCall Data
loginAgent Login, Logout & Single Sign On
data_objectIVR Data
support_agentAgent Ready,Break, and Wrap Up
important_devicesThird Party Application Integration
analyticsAgent State Statistics
historyCall History & Contact Directory
extensionExtension State Info
  • Denotes the best-in-class features of DiGON.
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1. What is CTI CRM Connector?

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration is a technology that allows a telephone system to connect with the CRM to reduce call handling time, improve agent efficiency, create better customer experience, and increase revenue. With the integration one can have all the telephony functionality with in the CRM application, saving agent’s time to flocking through telephony and CRM application while handling interaction. Additionally, it allows agents to have leverage important features such as Screen Pop, Click-to-Dial and more to increase efficiency.

2. What all applications do DiGON CRM connector support integrations with?

DiGON CRM Connector seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, SAP, Zendesk, Service Now, Freshdesk, MS Dynamics, Hubspot. The application seamlessly embeds within the CRM along with all telephony functionality one a single screen. If you have other application, get in touch with us to customize as per your unique business needs.

3. What are the supported phone system integration?

DiGON CRM Connector seamlessly integrate with Avaya, CISCO, Genesys, and Amazon Connect Contact Center.

4. What are the supported deployment models?

DiGON CRM Connector supports both on premise and on cloud deployment. The availability on the models gives you the power to choose the option that works best for your organization.

5. Is it flexible to customize the application?

Yes, DiGON can be customized as per the business needs and requirements. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and mention your business requirements.

6. What are the APIs available?

DiGON offers various APIs for any third party application to extend and customize any feature. For more information get in touch with our sales team.